The 5 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Camping

There is nothing like the smell of coffee brewing in the early morning in the great outdoors, but you will not be able to enjoy it if you do not being a portable coffee maker on your camping trip. There are many choices, and not everyone is perfect for everybody. One thing they all have is durability, made with strong materials. They will be trekked into some out of the way places. Otherwise, you can find one that is the perfect size – from one cup coffee makers up to 33 cups and they have different brewing methods. Take a look at these portable coffee makers for camping trips and see if one of them is not the perfect one for you.

Coleman Camp CoffeemakerColeman Camp Coffeemaker Coleman is one of the most famous of the manufacturers of camping equipment. The Coleman Camp Coffeemaker fits either a 2 or 3 burner camp stove and the solid stainless steel base means, it is sturdy and can stand up to just about anything. The Coleman Camp Coffeemaker uses the drip brewing method and it can be used to make any hot beverage or even heat the water for items like instant soup. It measures 14Hx11Wx8-1/25L” and costs about $40.00.

The Coffee Boiler is an entirely different type of camping coffee maker. This one is for large groups, making up to 36 cups of coffee and is made of enameled steel. This one uses the percolator/boil method and costs about $ 50.00.

Coffee Press from Mountain Gear This one is for just one or two cups of coffee. It uses the French Press method. Just add ground coffee and hot water and then press on the top and you have your coffee. It is made of insulated stainless steel and it is also a drinking cup. It weights just 15 ounces and costs about $20.00.

GSI OUTDOORS Stainless JavaPRESS is another one that uses the French Press method, but a bit bigger. It is made of stainless steel, brews up to 33 ounces of coffee and costs about $40.00.

REI Campware Percolator – 12 Cup A good old fashioned percolator made of stainless steel. Perfect for any type of camp cooking. Nothing fancy, just built to last for many a camping trip. This one costs about $40.00.

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