Top Picks for the Best Gaming Laptop 2017

The problem with recommending the best gaming laptop 2017 has to offer is that the word “best” can have different meanings. What’s best for one may not be the best for another, because they have completely different ideas on what’s “best”. To solve this dilemma, we offer what we think is the best gaming laptops with four different interpretations of the word “best.”

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p: The Best Gaming Laptop for Those on a Budget

While you may be resigned to the fact that a great gaming laptop will definitely wallop your wallet, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p proves that this isn’t always the case. The IdeaPad Y510p is surprisingly affordable, and if you carefully check online you may even get more deals and discounts.

And for its price the features are superb. You’ve got dual Nvidia GeForce GT 750M GPUs and 1080p for a great graphics experience, a quad core Intel Core i7 Haswell processor, 1TB of storage, and powerful JBL speakers. Of course, you have to make do with a 15-inch screen, it’s a bit heavy, and the battery life is below average.


The Razer Blade 14: The Best Gaming Laptop for Those on the Go

This one can compete with bigger machines with its fourth generation 2.2-GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-4702HQ CPU with 8GB of RAM. The graphics is great as well with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M GPU, although the viewing angle is slightly limited. The keyboard is comfy and programmable, it’s very portable, and the battery life is more than sufficient.

Aside from the limited viewing angles, you also need to put up with a lack of an SD card slot. And don’t put it on your lap. It may be light, but when gaming it will get really hot!

The Alienware 17: The Best Gaming Laptop in the 17-inch Category

If you want a bigger screen than the Lenovo, the Alienware 17 isn’t just great; it’s also the standard, and other rigs are always rated on how they compare to this mighty machine. With the latest Intel Core i7 Haswell processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M GPU, you get superb performance and graphics. The screen shows the 1080 display well with its wide viewing angles, and the sound is big and balanced. The keyboard is comfy and you can customize the lighting. It even looks really, really cool.
However, it’s a bit more expensive, and you have to have muscles to lug it around.

The Alienware 18: The Best Gaming Laptop, Period.

Its performance has broken all records, as it can play just about any game at full 1080 HD resolution with all the add-ons and highest-quality settings put in place. It has the latest and most powerful Intel Core i7 processor and the latest and most powerful Nvidia GPUs (there are two of them), along with 32GB of RAM. If another laptop has a particular feature, then this one has it too, and a lot more. Playing a game without a hitch is an absolutely great experience on the 18.4-inch 1,920-by-1,080 full 1080p screen.

The Alienware 18 is what you trot out in front of your friends if you want them to drool with envy. It’s the best gaming laptop 2017 has to offer: the one laptop to rule them all.

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